These acient seers used Yoga as a method to explore the outside and therefore the interior world and ultimately accomplish the data and knowledge of the Vedas, Upanishads and Shastras that has been passed right down to the globe.Sadly whereas reading regarding the knowledge of these teachings on our armchairs, we’ve forgotten the importance and quality of Yoga.


There area unit alternative routes to reach a desired common destination. In Hinduism discipline there area unit four methods in associate order of Yoga-Karma, Raja, Bhakti, and Jnana-all leading to a similar centre of consciousness, that create it straightforward to adopt for every person. These four varieties is classified as Physical, Normal, Spiritual, and Mental primarily based Yoga’s. These four path cowl eight important principles of Yoga.


It is supported God is truth and aims at difficult everything through discrimination to realize self-realization and unity with God.

Yama – moral Disciplines & Social Behavior. they’re 5 forms of Yama:
Ahimsa: Non-violence in thought, word and deed.
Satay: honestness in thought, word and deed.
Asteya: Non-stealing.Not even the desire to possess what somebody has.
Brahmacharya: Continence – Behvaiour in thought, word and deed which ends in Brahman.
Aparigriha: to not hoard, non-receiving.
Niyama- Code of conduct. Niyama area unit 5 in variety.
Saucha: Purification. Internal and External.
Santosha: happiness.
Tapas: Fervour, burning need, inner zeal.
Swadhyaya: Study of sciences of the self.
Ishwara Pranidhan: Surrender to God.

Even for those that claim to not follow a non secular path, these moral observances in conjunction with yoga, build the person’s character and free his mind of doubts by serving to him to discriminate between right and wrong. They keep him mentally and physically healthy and in conjunction with single pointed attention (Ekagrata) they take him towards success in any endeavour.


It is for someone of action, to follow his duties or fate altruistically to realize consciousness. It covers:

Pratyahara –

It means that withdrawal or restraining of senses. there’s no interest left in external objects, leading to total retreating toward the Self. it’s detachment of oneself from the mundane world associated turning into an introvert. This come back solely through integration of different stages of Yama, Niyama, position and Pranayama once well practiced.


It is a Royal path and includes Hath Yoga. It attains consciousness and unity by concentrating on physical and mental energies. Its covers:

Dharana –

It is that the state of total concentration wherever all the energies area unit channelized to one purpose. Future, past and gift become one. Dharana, Dhyan and Samadhi area unit called Antaranga Sadhana (Internal Quest).

Dhyana –

In Dhyana, the meditation to forget world and determine oneself. it’s to continue the activity of enhancive the concentration dedicated thereto specific object.

Samadhi –

Realization with the final word goal-God. once one forgets each material issue and identifies oneself with the final word goal, it’s called the state of Samadhi.


Asana– completely different body postures

An position is supposed to bring consciousness to specific region of the body in order that the cells of these region get activised to become a lot of sensitive and so play a task in harmonizing he whole human system. It involves toning and calibration our body to help the mind play the eternal symphony.

The human system being terribly complicated desires many alternative postures to comprehend this goal.

The sensitivity that we’ve on the tip of our finger is that the sort of sensitivity, a Yoga has throughout his body. however we’ve to start out out at the start at a gross level.

Pranayama –

Controlled respiration.

It means that regulation of breath or bio energy. Prana means that energy in numerous forms or elan vital or elan vital. Yama mean to increase and regulate to be ready to controls and life.

In Pranayama, one extend, prolongs or pauses in inhlation and retention.

When the breath is stilled, mind and consciousness (chitta) area unit stilled. Mind and Prana area unit closely connected. Hence, by dominant the Prana the mind gets controlled indirectly. Even within the Bhagwad Bhagavadgita it’s conceded that associate although it’s terribly troublesome to regulate the mind, it is controlled through observe and unemotionality.


It is a path of surrender through love and devotion, appropriate for associate emotional and sensitive person. God as a God is idolized by reciting this name, singing his praises, attend his forms and following different connected rituals.

It depends on the character of a private to adopt a specific path. The aim of Yoga is to mould the body and mind by following the practices to accumulate the Supreme elation. of these Yoga’s facilitate achieving the peace. The healthy body with a healthy mind may be a sacred and divine place for to measure.


A good health means that all organs of the body area unit operating with efficiency. The importance of the proverbs, “Health is Wealth”, If health is lost everything is lost”, is complete a lot of in its absence than by its presence. Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind. The vital of health is sort of education, cash and different material comforts. Happiness is intimately involved a lot of with smart physical and condition than different outside factors. At this stage, we’d wish to perceive the sin qua non to remain our self healthy. One  need to be disciplined and controlled in reacting to situations which helps in fighting work-related stress and tension.