Yoga & Meditation its benefits have became so popular, that everybody is curious about in learning it. The aim of life isn’t only to survive, but to enjoy it with a much better quality. Yoga is process that uses physical activity as a mean to assist people acquire skill, health fitness, knowledge & attitudes that contribute to their optimal development and well-being. It play a crucial role with in the development of a private . It’s has been developed and practiced for thousands of years by Sages and this is often now known world over as a neighborhood of India Culture. One among its aims is to expand option for wise use of wise use of leisure. Taking over a daily physical activity could also be a health-enhancing move.

There is a greater need than ever to extend  the daily activity levels so as to take care of both cardio vascular fitness and weight. Fitness doesn’t ask being physically fit alone ,but mentally state also. A person can function optimally as long because the individual is both mentally and physically fit. Such individuals tend to be less susceptible to medical conditions also. While most of the people tend to specialize in fitness alone, they forget that a sound mind exists only during a sound body.

The physical exercises (asanas) in yoga tends to increase the patient’s physical flexibility, coordination, and strength. While the breathing practices and meditation helps calm and focus the mind to develop greater awareness and diminish anxiety, and there by resulting in higher quality of life. One simply cannot separate the aspect of health from their emotional well-being. Comprehensively Ideal Fitness Program includes aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training, additionally to flexibility and core-building exercises likes yoga and meditation. Yoga practices basically aim at the integral development of the personality as an entire by a fine combination of the above mentioned four sorts of yoga-Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga , which is known as Integrated Yoga.


1 Physiological significances:

Through Yoga, the body triggers a line of beneficial chemical processes within the body, slows the center rate, reduces the extent of blood lactate, lessens the muscular tension, results in more efficient gas exchange within the lungs, lower levels of cortisol and adrenal levels. This not only boosts the system, but also leads to higher energy levels, and increased strength.

2 Normalizing Blood pressure:

Blood circulation are often improved within the body through Yoga and Pranayama and has proved to treat both High vital sign (Hypertension) and Low vital sign (Hypotension). Practicing Yoga stretches keeps the arteries ductile and reduces the stiffness of the arteries which again lowers the vital sign. It results in the creation of positive energy leading to a much better and improved lifestyle. Certain Asanas have the facility to slow the guts rate by soothing the nerves and minimizes the probabilities of a attack .

3 Mental Benefits:

It has been found through studies that the benefits of Yoga include increased focus, concentration levels and mental clarity. It also helps to bring down the strain levels, reduce depression and anxiety. Since the strain is reduced,the sleep cycle is improved. Yoga as how of life boosts feelings of egos and well being.

4 Immune System Boost:

When regularly practiced and being within the relaxed state on a day to day , the brain produces more of the positive neurotransmitter ‘serotonin ‘and stimulates less of the negative ‘cortisol’ which impairs cognitive skills, trigger high vital sign and blood glucose imbalances, affecting the system badly

5 The Less Demonstrable:

One of the foremost unique benefits of Yoga is that it results in a far better understanding of one’s self, a particular trans quality and awareness level. While some enjoy the spiritual aspects of the practice, the very fact is that it’s the facility to vary an individual as an entire by developing their personality.



2.1 Building resilience:

Meditation, or as Westerners like to term it “Mindfulness”, has the ability to enhance skills like attention, memory, and emotional intelligence.
Studies show that meditation has proved to decrease anxiety levels, thereby increasing resilience and performance under stress.

2.2 Enhances emotional intelligence:

Brain imaging studies suggests that meditation can help enhance your ability to regulate and regulate your emotions. To be more precise, it helps the mind to require control over the body and not the opposite way round.

2.3 Boosts creativity:

It has been proved scientifically through various studies that the human mind is most creative and are available up with the brightest insights and breakthroughs when the mind is in a relaxed state of mind.
During meditation the mind is during a relaxed state and thereby encourages out-of-the-box thinking at its best and comes up with the utmost number of plausible solutions to a given problem, which is one among the foremost important aspects of creativity

2.4 Improves relationships:

Under stress, individuals tend to narrow down their perspectives and this reduces the sense of empathy ,thereby affecting the performance and relationship. Meditation features a direct connection to improving the mood of the individual, which improves both the performance and relationship during a team.

2.5 Enhanced focus:

Meditation helps curb our tendency to be distracted thereby increasing our abilities to think better and stay focused. It also helps improve the cognitive and deciding skills in a private

2.6 Improves sleep and energy levels:

Practicing meditation leads to decreased sleep disturbance and helps to enhance their quality of sleep. Better sleep means lower levels of stress and fatigue. A consistent sleep cycle helps regulate your circadian rhythms, which makes sure your energy levels stay throughout the day.

2.7 Improves feelings of wellbeing:

Emotional stability is extremely vital for better sense of well being. The ability to master one’s emotions plays an important role to become more resourceful and productive. Developing a meditation practice will empower to become more conscious of your emotions.


The benefits of increased feelings of relaxation, improved self-confidence and body image, improved efficiency, better interpersonal relationships, increase in attentiveness through Yoga and meditation as The benefits of increased feelings of relaxation, improved self-confidence and body image, improved efficiency, better interpersonal relationships, increase in attentiveness through Yoga and meditation as the simplest way of life  encourages an optimistic outlook on life. of life  encourages an optimistic outlook on life.